Nobody remembers why anymore, but birds and humans have been at war for generations. In a battle that has been going on for centuries, men and birds
have staged the most bloody battles ever known in history for the struggle of the supremacy of the planet. In this senseless fight, the computers that from the
beginning served men abandoned their creators to ally with the avian faction that had suffered the most human calamities: the chickens.

Seeking a solution to remedy the terrible human biological weapon that makes chickens fall by the thousands the old computer Roland managed to develop a robotic nanotechnology capable of destroying the infection from the inside. The cure consists of an antidote that when disseminated through the blood stream neutralizes
any invading agent. However, for this antidote to work, it must be combined with samples of the infection itself collected from the interior of the affected patient.

This was the starting point to launch the program codenamed KIMOHIYO whose aim is to develop the nanotechnology proposed by Roland until it can count on an army of nanochickens that can eliminate any biological threat in minutes or even seconds. KIMOHIYOKO is the first prototype resulting from this investigation, will it be able to fulfill its mission?



The goal of KIMOHIYOKO is to reach the heart of the patient host with all the necessary components to be able to disseminate the treatment through the
veins. To do this you must first explore the entire body of the patient in order to obtain the necessary samples to make the antidote. Along the way you will find all kinds of enemies, obstacles and difficulties that will not make your mission easy.

Ok but, where should I go?

There is not only one way to go, you go exploring and you will find rewards. How to locate the key places? The host is aware of the presence of KimoHiyoko in his interior and can notice when he approaches sensitive areas. When this happens you can feel his heart speed up and rumble his heart beats. This means that you are near a key point where you can collect a sample. There are more clues spread throughout the game. Be aware of the variations in the scenarios and possible marks on the walls of the same. Do you feel lost? It's normal, the body of a chicken can be huge on a nanometer scale. You can always create a paper map and point out the key places there.

Okay, it's 2018 and you have more games than you can play with, a family, a job and possibly an own life. In that case I allow you to take a look at the map of the body attached to game manual (see downloads).

KimoHiyoko is my #CPCRetroDev 2018 entry.


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gamepad doesnt work for me :( (using browser)

I'm sorry to hear that. Web version runs in a javascript emulator of Amstrad CPC and probably is not working properly with most gamepads. If pad buttons are not reconigsed in redefine keys menu (pressing 2 in main menu) your best option probably is remap the pad buttons as keyboard keys with a program like reWASD

I hope this helps, I'm afraid that's all I can contribute as long as I didn't developed the javascript emulator.

Thanks for playing! :)